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Music Lessons Overview

Our goal at the Santa Barbara School of Music is to make learning to sing or play an instrument a fun, rewarding and positive experience. It’s as much about personal enrichment and growth as it is about academic achievement and musical literacy. We celebrate each student’s personal victories along their path of learning music.

Our university-trained teachers have been screened and chosen among dozens of instructors because of their unique combination of skill and character. They are encouraging and gently challenge and motivate their students through clear instruction and inspiring demonstration.

Lessons for Adults
Adult students receive helpful instruction on correct technique, the fundamentals and practical use of theory, and skills related to musicianship, sight-reading and ear-development. With the teacher's guidance the student soon develops the skills necessary to play, or sing, the pieces or songs they've always wanted to learn and to take their musicianship to the next level.

Lessons for Children
Young students receive an abundance of positive reinforcement and are rewarded with stickers, candy at the end of the lesson (with parents’ approval), and Reward Points for completing assignments. 50 Reward Points allow a student to choose from the “Prize Bag” and 100 Points award a student with a gift certificate to either McConnell’s Ice Cream or Blenders in the Grass.

Lesson Schedules
Students are given private lessons once per week at the studio. Lesson times available include 30 minutes (recommended for young children ages 4-6), 45-minutes and 1-hour lessons. Private lessons are ongoing and can be started at any time. We'll match you with an appropriate teacher based on your interests, skill level and scheduling needs. Call 805-699-5594 to speak with the Program Director.

The Teachers
Our studio’s professional teachers are university-trained, experienced instructors as well as performers. They were chosen not only for their exceptional musical skills but also for their gentle, patient and encouraging teaching styles. Each student is matched with the teacher that best suits his or her personality and needs. And if a teacher you start with doesn't seem like the right fit for you, it's easy to notify our program director and request a different teacher.

Teaching Method
The studio uses an effective and well-liked teaching method for helping students excel in music theory, technique, sight-reading, ear training, and musicianship. The lessons are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of each student. Students receive a strong and solid understanding of music basics and fundamentals, while at the same time excel at playing pieces that they enjoy.

Students choose from a variety of genres (classical, jazz, boogie, blues, popular, rock, etc,) to build their performance repertoire. It has been our experience that students excel best when they are learning songs or pieces that they enjoy and find inspiring. Therefore, we let students take a part in choosing the pieces that they learn.

Why learn to play an instrument or sing?
Studies have shown that learning music enhances brain power, improves memory, and boosts academic or work performance. It is an enriching and gratifying means of creative and emotional expression, and nurturing to the heart and soul. Playing music is not only meaningful for one’s development but also a gift for others to enjoy. 

Why take private lessons?
Benefits of private music instruction include consistent progress and enhanced development of musical skills, achievement of goals with one-on-one guidance, motivation for maintaining a consistent and good practice routine, and encouragement to carry-on and excel.

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